ELEMENT is a Ukrainian manufacturer of paint and lacquer materials. The company has been manufacturing a wide range of high-quality finishing materials for interior and facade solutions since 2009.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in four regions of Ukraine, two well-equipped warehouses, own logistics and customs service enable ELEMENT to sell materials worldwide.

The Company's current portfolio contains five actively developing brands in the field of construction.

ELEMENT and ELEMENT Classic — the first manufactured product range of ELEMENT’s finishing materials: from surface preparation to painting.

ELEMENT DECOR — a collection of exquisite decorative coatings and plasters manufactured using Italian technology and Italian raw materials. These easily applied materials are suitable for both professional construction and for self-application.

ELEMENT PRO — professional paint and lacquer materials manufactured using modern German technologies. These materials have earned high recognition among the big real-estate developers as well as private contractors.

The newest brand ELEMENT PRO FACADE SYSTEM — facade thermal insulation system — represents a complex product for winterization of homes.

Located in Dnipro, the sales department of ELEMENT UKRAINE covers 90% of Ukraine’s territory. Over 3,500 buildings, including major historic sites, have been built and reconstructed using the ELEMENT’s materials.